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Bill Spohn interviews Amply co-founders

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Bill Spohn and Eric Kaiser interview Amply co-founders Eric Fitz and Ed Smith on the Building HVAC Science podcast. 

Listen to this episode if you want to learn more about: 

  • Ed and Eric's backgrounds
  • Amply's evolution from a general contracting business into a software business that builds game changing tools for heat pump pros
  • How our software works to create Manual J heat load calculations, comprehensive home heat pump designs, and beautiful proposals that homeowners love (and install teams too!)
  • Our takeaways from Bryan Orr's 5th Annual HVAC/R Training Symposium
  • Why we think we're in America's 3rd wave of electrification...
  • ... and why we think HVAC contractors will continue to be the heroes of home electrification 

Click below 👇 to listen to the interview.